Additional Help

While the Lawrence County Conservation District is able to assist with a wide range of environmental topics, there are some areas in which we seek outside agency’s knowledge and assistance. Below is a spreadsheet diagramming the general environmental topics and a contact for the appropriate agency.

Please note that in the event of an emergency, call 911 or your local emergency number first. Additionally, this list is not meant to be all inclusive. It was developed only to serve as a guide for your convience.

Lawrence County Environmental Directory

Environmental Topic Agency Contact Information
Discharge of Chemical Pollution to a Waterway PA Fish & Boat Commission
DEP Waterways & Wetlands Program:
Northwest Regional Office
(814) 337-0444(814) 332-6945
Air Pollution DEP Air Quality:
Northwest Regional Office
(814) 332-6945
Well or Water Supply Contamination DEP Water Supply Program:
Northwest Regional Office
(814) 332-6945
Gardening Questions/ Pest & Plant Identification
West Nile Virus Program
Penn State Cooperative Extension (724) 654-8370
Floodplain & Flooding Municipality &
Lawrence County Emergency Management
(724) 656-2160
Stormwater Run-off Municipality
Sewage & Septic on Private Residential
Municipality & the Sewage Enforcement
Sewage & Septic on Commercial Properties DEP:
Northwest Regional Office
(814) 332-6945
Illegal Dumping of Waste Lawrence County Recycling & Solid Waste (724) 658-6925
Mining Operations DEP District Mining Operations (814) 797-1191
Wildlife PA Game Commission (877) 877-0299
Hunting and Fishing Licenses Lawrence County Treasurer’s Office (724) 658-2541
Wetlands & Waterway (stream) Obstructions
& Encroachments
DEP Waterways & Wetlands Program:
Northwest Regional Office
(814) 332-6984
Timber Trespass DCNR Bureau of Forestry:
Forest District #8
(724) 253-3634
Erosion & Sedimentation Pollution
(Earth Disturbances)
Lawrence Conservation District (724) 652-4512
Agricultural Waste & Nutrient Management Lawrence Conservation District (724) 652-4512