Agricultural Erosion & Sedimentation Control

Title 25 Chapter 102 regulations require a written erosion control plan, most often referred to as a Conservation Plan to reduce erosion and sedimentation caused by agricultural activities. Examples of activities covered by a Conservation Plan include measures to reduce erosion during plowing and tilling activities and some animal heavy use areas. If you are not sure if your plan is up to date, or meets current regulations contact your local Conservation District or NRCS office. In addition to plowing and tilling, other earth disturbing activities are regulated and may require approval of a written plan or an NPDES permit. The District recommends early consultation with our office and your local municipality if you are giving consideration to a project on your operation. The link below contains a quick guide for activities occurring in agricultural operations.

Agricultural Operations

Remember, many types of earth disturbing activities can require permits. Contact your local Conservation District or NRCS office for permitting details and to discuss your upcoming project.