Nutrient Management

Have you heard of a Nutrient Management Plan or the Manure Management Manual ? Do do you need one for your operation?

Nutrient Management Plan 

The Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Act Program, Act 38 of 2005, requires all high density animal operations that are considered to be Concentrated Animal Operations (CAOs) or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) to develop and implement an approved Nutrient Management Plan. The Agricultural Conservation Technician can help you determine if your operation fits into one of the above categories, requiring you to have a Nutrient Management Plan. The program is not limited to CAO or CAFOs. It is open to any operation that is interested as it does provide limited liability protection and also can be required for certain financial aid programs.

It is important to note that all Nutrient Management plans must be developed by a Certified Plan Writer. Click here for a list of Lawrence County Certified NM Plan Writers.

Plans developed for operators in Lawrence County must be submitted to The Lawrence County Conservation District for technical review and approval by the District Board. To submit a plan, contact Lauren Miloser. 

Manure Management Manual 

Did you know that all farms generating / using manure must now have a manure management plan? The revised DEP Manure Management Manual released in October 2011 requires every farm in Pennsylvania that produces or applies manure to develop and implement a written Manure Management Plan (MMP).

As stated in Land Application of Manure, a supplement to Manure Management for Environmental Protection, “Every farm in Pennsylvania that land applies manure or agricultural process wastewater (generated on the farm or received from an importer), regardless of size, is required to have and implement a written Manure Management Plan.  This includes manure and agricultural process wastewater application by various types of equipment and/or direct application of manure by animals on pastures in Animal Concentration Areas (ACAs). In other words, farms that do not mechanically apply manure but which do have pastures or ACAs still need a manure management plan.”

If you have not completed a Manure Management Plan for your operation or have questions concerning the plan, please contact Mitchell Whiting at The district can provide you with a copy of the plan and/or technical assistance in the development of your plan.

For additional information on either program, visit Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program.