Forest Management

The Lawrence Conservation District supports the responsible management of forest resources in the County. Some of the District’s projects and programs illustrate our continued commitment to furthering overall watershed health. Through the Urban Tree Revitalization Program, the District works with the County and DCNR to promote reestablishment of tree canopy cover in urban environments. In addition to the urban efforts, the District has an agreement with the Mayberry family to use the Mayberry Woodlot as a demonstration site and display of sound forestry and woodlot management principles.

As a part of our regulatory duties delegated to the District from the Department, timber harvesting activities are regulated per Title 25 Chapter 102. Timber harvests should develop a written erosion and sediment (E&S) control plan. These plans are required to be reviewed by the District upon complaint and if permitting is necessary on the site per Chapter 102 or Chapter 105.

Timber harvest packets with typical controls for a timber site are available at our office and online at the Department of Environmental Protection.

Timber Harvest Operations Field Guide for Waterways, Wetlands and Erosion Control

For forestry management and programs contact Jake Scheib, DCNR Bureau of Forestry at 724.253.3634.