East Palestine Train Derailment

Update 4-25-2023: Shapiro Administration announces new interactive soil and water sampling map.

Shapiro Administration announces new interactive soil and water sampling map

Update 3-23-23: Great news for Lawrence and Beaver County farms. Preliminary soil test results were reported to local farmers on Wednesday March 22 and are detailed in this article.

Test Results show soil is safe at PA Farms After Train Derailment

Update 3-13-23: Two updates regarding water testing. DEP testing and PA American Water testing. See below. Soil samples have been taken from 8 farms in Lawrence County and 7 in Beaver county and will be tested for chemical residues including Dioxins. Test results should be available later this week and will be posted.

UPDATE DEP Reports No Signs of Groundwater Contamination with First Results from Independent Water Sampling-3.10.2023

Pennsylvania American Water’s sources of drinking water in western Pennsylvania were not impacted by the February 3 train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. There is no geographic connection of our water sources to the impacted area, and there is no possibility of impacted tributaries running into our upstream sources of supply. Testing following the incident showed no detection of chemicals from the train cars in our water sources, nor in the drinking water leaving our treatment facilities.

However, for continued public confidence and peace of mind, we will continue to perform additional water testing for potential contaminants related to the incident. Our plan includes bi-weekly sampling and testing for n-Butyl Acrylate, 2-Ethyl Hexanol, 2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate, Dioxins, Vinyl Chloride, and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) throughout the months of March and April. We will continue to assess our sampling plan following several rounds of bi-weekly test results and will continue to post updates and test results on our website here. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) is also conducting additional testing of the water source for our Ellwood water system and will be posting lab results on their website here.

Our water continues to meet state and federal drinking water standards. The health and safety of our customers are a top priority. As part of our daily water quality protocol, we monitor our water sources and perform water quality tests during the treatment process. Find out more about your water quality and the source(s) of supply for your drinking water system by viewing pg. 5 of your Water Quality Report

Update 3-2-23:

  • The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and The Pennsylvania Department of Health have worked together to create this useful sheet which addresses a variety of frequently asked questions. FAQ Document:

Update 3-1-23: Health Center Now Open in Darlington PA

PA Acting Attorney General Complaint Hotline

Update 2-27-23: PA American Water information

PA Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) Train Derailment Information

Shapiro Davis Administration Opens a Pennsylvania Health Resource Center in Beaver County

Update 2-23-23: PEMA Train Derailment Dashboard

Update 2-22-23DEP Train derailment page

Update 2-22-23: ORSANCO website

Update: Governor Shapiro Announces Independent Water Testing in PA after Ohio Train Derailment

In response to the February 3, 2023 train derailment and subsequent burn off of hazardous chemicals in East Palestine Ohio, The Lawrence County Conservation District has been in touch with state and local agencies to gather information and resources for residents of Lawrence County. Below you will find tips, links to websites, hotlines, and resources. We will continue to post additional information as we receive it.

  • If your home’s water has not been tested and you have concerns about the water’s quality, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) has advised that you drink bottled water until the water can be tested and is safe to drink.
  • Norfolk Southern Railroad is offering free air quality sampling & private well water quality testing in Pennsylvania via an independent contractor. You can request free air quality sampling & well water testing at: Norfolk Southern’s Family Assistance Center: 1-800-230-7049
  • Additional Contact Information:
  1. U.S. EPA Information Line: (215) 814-2400
  2. You can follow the EPA Air Quality Monitoring Updates:  EPA East Palestine Derailment Response Page
  • For people living in Western Pennsylvania counties near East Palestine, Ohio, there are two different numbers you can call with your concerns. For more information, please reach out to either:

                CTEH: 234-542-6474 (Can speak directly with a toxicologist)

                EPA: 215-814-2400

Additional useful links:

From ATSDR:  Liquid vinyl chloride evaporates easily. Vinyl chloride in water or soil evaporates rapidly if it is near the surface.

From EPA: If vinyl chloride is released to soil, it will be subject to rapid volatilization with reported half-lives of 0.2 and 0.5 days for evaporation from soil at 1 and 10 cm incorporation, respectively, based on a high vapor pressure of 2,600 mm Hg at 25 degrees C.

  • Water

For those wishing to have water testing done, there are some resources available:

              Locally: Campbell Laboratory in New Brighton, PA https://campbelllab.com/

              Pittsburgh area: Microbac Laboratories in Warrendale, PA

              Online: National Testing Laboratories https://watercheck.com/

Penn State’s Ag Analytical Lab and parameters that they can test for.