Wilmington and Hickory Township Projects

Poverty Point Road, Wilmington Township

The Township proposed to take a portion of a sealed surface road back to aggregate surface and use a specialized aggregate blend called DSA. In addition to the change in surface type, 3 new culverts were added and 4 culverts were up graded. Predominantly, the additional culverts were added to assist in parceling the storm water drainage into more manageable discharges in a critical area adjacent to a small (under 100 acre watershed) intermittent stream channel. In addition to the culverts, the road side ditches on the site were unstable and eroding pieces of the sealed surface material. 900 feet of under drain was added to the road ditches and new turn outs were created to supplement the drainage improvements.  The District and Township had the opportunity to work with two off right way land owners to make improvements. A new properly sized pipe was installed in the intermittent channel and stabilized pasture access was added on a property impacted by storm water run-off that was contributing nutrients to a nearby receiving stream.


Installation of a new culvert on Poverty Point Road.

District commitment $76,367 and in kind by the Township $37, 956

upper ditch east

Saturated road side ditch prior to completion of under drain on Hartzell Road.





Hartzell Road, Hickory Township

The goal of this project was to alleviate saturated wet site road ditches and attempt to break up the road drainage into smaller contributory areas. The Township installed 1,150 feet of under drain and 2 cross pipes to try to better distribute the contributory drainage areas to both sides of the road way before it reached the receiving stream.

District committed $6,968 and in kind by the Township $12,470

Lakewood Neshannock Falls Road, Hickory Township

This road way is positioned in the landscape in an area adjacent to a flood plain of the Neshannock Creek.  The road itself sits in heavily saturated soils at the low point in the watershed.  In addition to the wet site conditions, several springs/seeps enter the road way right of way.  Improvements under way at the site include installation of close to 2,000 feet of underdrain, addition of 3 culverts and upgrade of 1 culvert.  A cooperative effort between the Township and the District allowed us to work with an off right of way private property owner to assist with a saturated horse pasture. District committed $19,908 and in kind by the Township $12,850


Installation of under drain on Lakewood Neshannock Falls Road.