2018 Projects in Shenango, Hickory, Union and Mahoning Townships

Outlet side of failing culvert before construction.

Lakewood Neshannock Falls and Briar Hill Roads, Hickory Township

During the 2018 season, Hickory Township replaced a failing 48 inch Galvanized culvert underneath Lakewood Neshannock Falls Road. In an effort to provide a better structure, an arch culvert replaced the failing pipe. The replacement arch culvert benefits the municipality by providing a lengthened replacement schedule and numerous environmental improvements. An arch will provide better connectivity of the stream channel and flood plain. Erosion at the inlet and outlet of the new pipe will also be minimized by providing wider openings.

In addition to the work to be completed on the stream crossing, the Township upgraded other drainage related issues within that watershed. A culvert crossing on intersecting Briar Hill Road was replaced. Spring seep discharge will be collected and managed on Lakewood Neshannock Falls Road with the installation of underdrain, a new catch basin and improved outlet location.

Outlet side of culvert after construction.







LVR Funds: $90,080.57 In kind Contribution: $12,832.91


Jacobson Road Phase II, Mahoning Township

The District started working with Mahoning Township to improve the drainage problems on the road way during the 2017 construction season. In this area of the County, a lot of roads were carved off the hillside to facilitate access and haul operations supporting the mining operations that formerly dominated the region. Excessively long, unstable ditch runs and outlets were the majority of the controls in place to handle stormwater. Very few cross pipes, or stable outlets existed on this road prior to the Phase I and II projects. Expanding on the efforts made in 2017, the District in cooperation with municipal forces installed 3 additional stabilized reinforced turnouts, 3 new cross pipes with endwalls, up graded 1 cross pipe and stabilized over 700 linear feet of unstable ditches. As a result, storm water on the road way has been parceled with the goals of minimizing the erosive force and pollutant load.

LVR Funds: $46,473.61 In kind contribution $13,613.00

Chewton West Pittsburg Road, Shenango Township

Drainage problems were the main issue on this roadway. Numerous long ditch runs and water using the road way were the main contributors to the unstable nature of ditches, existing cross pipes, and their outlets. In cooperation with the Township’s municipal forces, the District completed the installation of 4 new cross pipes with associated head and end wall structures and replaced a failing cross pipe.

Stabilization was added to the outlets and inlets where necessary and the District and municipal engineer utilized buried concrete jersey barriers to create a large storm water diversion and turn out to distribute sheet flow run off to a more stable area on the roadway and protect a washed portion of a steep slope.

LVR Funds: $21,890.14 In kind contribution $9,622.30

Denney Drive, Mahoning Township

This roadway had a failing stormwater conveyance culvert and an unstable road surface. An upgraded properly sized pipe with head and end walls was installed and 458 tons of Driving Surface Aggregate placed on the road.

D&G Funds: $56,222.60

View of the new road cross section with DSA and french mattress.

West Park Nature Center,  County of Lawrence

This project was a continuation of work started at this facility back in 2010. The roadway drains to a series of constructed wetlands and a stream system. Springs saturated the road base coupled with poor road cross section created an unstable road surface.

Improvements made during this project include the construction of two french mattresses to convey spring flow through the roadway cross section to the down slope wetlands. In addition to the drainage improvements, road base and 332 tons of Driving Surface Aggregate was placed to stabilize the road surface.

D&G Funds: $36,779.65 In kind Contribution $5,731.88