Interested in Applying for DGLVR Funds?

How to apply for either dirt and gravel road, or low volume road projects.

All applicants should download the program application. Be sure to complete the entire application and attach all of the requested materials. Our staff is always available to provide assistance. Additionally, written instructions for the forms may be found here: Grant Application Instructions 

If you cannot use the form available here, please contact our office at 724.652.4512. Paper copies of all materials are available.

If you are applying for funding for a project on a low volume road, please review the information regarding traffic counts.

A few things to remember:

  • Paving projects should not be submitted for funding, projects should be focused on the program’s goal of environmentally sensitive maintenance.
  • Projects should develop and implement erosion and sedimentation pollution control measures during construction. A sample/template plan is available: E&S_Plan.
  • Fees for consultants and engineers shall comply with the program’s guidance and comply with our statement of policy.
  • Traffic counts must be completed during the period of March 1 to the week before Thanksgiving.
  • Only roadways with traffic counts of less than 500 vehicles per day are eligible.
  • Review the DGLV’s Traffic Count Policy.

If you are considering a stream structure replacement, the District will utilize the program’s Stream_Crossing_Evaluation criteria. Contact the Conservation District early in the project planning process to be sure that your project is eligible for Program funding. Municipalities’ are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits.

If you are requesting funds for a dirt and gravel road project and plan on using Driving Surface Aggregate, all aggregate paid for with DGLV funds must be certified. Contact the District early in the planning process with your quarry information.  DSA Certification information and forms are available for use for your project.

If there are off right of way property owners who will be impacted by your project, a release form is required. An example off right of way release is provided here. The District encourages stakeholder cooperation and municipalities should consult with their solicitors regarding off right of way related issues.

Submission of a Completion report is required for all projects: Project Completion Report and Instructions

Instructions for the completion report are included in the link, and the District’s staff is always available to provide assistance. Keep in mind, that final payments will not be made on projects without the completion report.

*Forms and materials provided by the Center for Dirt, Gravel and Low Volume Roads.