Hickory, Mahoning and Shenango Township 2020 projects

Chewton West Pittsburg Road, Shenango Township

Shenango’s road crew working with Youngblood Paving to install DSA.

Started early in the summer and completed in the early fall, the Conservation District in cooperation with Shenango Township worked on another section of Chewton West Pittsburg Road. Shenango Township Municipal forces installed new drainage cross pipes on the next section of road and working with local contractor Youngblood Paving graded a new road cross section and installed the program’s specialized aggregate blend called DSA. The work completed by the municipal forces provided better management of the stormwater on the road, discharging it in a stable fashion to the vegetation along the roadway. The new pipes helped to minimize the erosive force of the stormwater on the road surface and within the ditches. All of this work resulted in a roadway that will need less maintenance in the future and will contribute less sediment to our watersheds.

Lakewood Neshannock Falls Road, Hickory Township

Lakewood Neshannock Falls before replacement.

Summertime of 2020 brought the installation of a new in stream structure in Hickory Township. Replacement of the failing pipe allowed better stream flow under the roadway which has been problematic for the Township. The 5 ft. round metal pipe backed up water flooding neighboring properties and caused constant erosion around the inlet and outlet of the pipe damaging the stream. A 12 ft. 11 inch bankfull width arch pipe was installed. Using a “bottom less” structure gave us the opportunity to create a natural stream bottom through the pipe. Hickory Township worked with Sonntag Excavating to install the new pipe. Complementary work was completed by the Township to stabilize the stream bank up stream of the new pipe installation.

After replacement with a “bankfull” bottom less arch culvert.










Evergreen Road, Mahoning Township

Undersized cross pipes, a poor road cross section and lack of stable storm water outlets contributed to numerous problems on Evergreen Road. Stormwater weakened and damaged the asphalt surface, overtopping of the existing cross pipes resulting in flooding and erosion of private property during storm events was common.  In the late fall, 2 failing undersized crossings, road fill, adjustment of the road cross slope and new catch basin and off right of way practices were completed. The existing 16-inch galvanized cross pipes were replaced with 5 ft. wide 3.5 ft. high squash pipes. Everything installed on the road will benefit both the residents of Mahoning Township and the environment, future erosion of the road surface, and impacts to private property have been minimized.

Installation of a new appropriately sized pipe on Evergreen Road.